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  • Adorama Expands Services and Support Through Adorama Business Solutions at NAB 2018
    Adorama Expands Services and Support…
  • Hitachi Kokusai Demonstrates SMPTE ST 2110 Support at NAB 2018
    Hitachi Kokusai Demonstrates SMPTE ST…
  • ARRI Debuts New ALEXA Large Format Camera System and Signature Prime Lenses at NAB 2018
    ARRI Debuts New ALEXA Large Format…
  • Zeiss Lenses Showcases Full Frame Coverage and eXtended Data Lenses at NAB 2018
    Zeiss Lenses Showcases Full Frame…
  • Wish you were here NAB 2018
    Wish you were here NAB 2018

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NAB Show 2018 In Review: The Cameras

NAB Show 2018 In Review: The Cameras

I was unsure of what to expect this year at NAB. I had some early clues but still wasn’t quite sure what was about to unfold. Then it was the opening bell and I was off. So we will start our 2018 NAB review series with some of the cameras. Full Frame, Large Frame and a few in between. To be fair, these are in no way all of the cameras at the show or in any particular order. But we have to start somewhere, right?

Leica Thalia Lenses with ARRI LPL Mount Coming Soon

Leica Thalia Lenses with ARRI LPL Mount Coming Soon

The Leica Thalia large format cine lenses will soon be available in ARRI’s new LPL mount. Currently available in PL and ARRI XPL mounts, manufacturer CW Sonderoptic is introducing the new mount for compatibility with ARRI’s Alexa LF camera.

Featured Interviews

Q&As with major NAB Exhibitors

CW Sonderoptic Talks Creating Lenses for Large Format Sensors

Interview Image

We spoke with Seth Emmons, Director of Communications of CW Sonderoptic about what he expects to see at this year's NAB Show. Visit them at Booth C3643.

Q With all the major camera companies introducing larger sensor cameras, what is the artistic benefit to filmmakers?

A That’s such an important topic right now because most filmmakers and cinematographers don’t have experience with full format filmmaking. We’re getting these questions a lot. Why should I shoot in full format? What effect does it have on my image?

The biggest change is the new vocabulary of image style and composition that is opened up through a physically larger sensor. Cinematographers are used to telling the AC to throw on a 35mm lens and open up to T2.8. The DP knows what that is going to look like in regard to angle of view for framing and depth of field for composition. No matter what brand lens he or she puts on their Alexa or RED, that 35mm is going to have these same features of AoV and DoF. But, with larger sensors, those touch points shift. Now you can experiment with relative angle of view and relative depth of field for increased creative options.

The Year of No Compromises at NAB 2018 with Quantum

Interview Image

Laura Shepard, Senior Director, Scale-out Product and Solution Marketing, Quantum talks the anticipation of the 2018 NAB Show.

Q Finish the sentence: 2018 will be the production industry’s year of

A no compromises. Technology advances have given users the flexibility to deploy storage and data management solutions that enable them to fully optimize their workflows without making tradeoffs across performance, accessibility and cost.

Adorama Bringing Innovation and Creativity to NAB 2018

Interview Image

Adorama Business Solutions answers a few pre-NAB show questions.

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A Adorama Business Solutions, Adorama’s B2B sales division serving businesses, educational and government institutions, this year launched Adorama Access, its end-to-end technical support team. Adorama Access enables customers to choose the right products for their needs and get the most out of them. Customers can engage with Adorama Access through the following: pre-sales technical consultations, installation and integration assistance, post-sale annual technical support subscription plans (with support based on a single order, or the entire account), and customize training courses.

Live X Talks Production Bot and More at NAB 2018

Interview Image

Corey Benke, Producer & Co-Founder, Live X talks about the introduction of Production Bot and more at the 2018 NAB Show.

Q What new products/services has your company introduced since last years’ NAB?

A Since last year we've introduced a new Control Surface for the Production Bot® Switch hardware platform. The Production Bot® Switch is an extremely portable "switcher in a suitcase" and comes preinstalled with vMix live streaming software. The new Control Surface features 12-button multicolor busses for program, preview and overlays that work with the vMix, four downstream delegation buttons, function keys to quickly activate macros and triggers, and a T-bar for smooth manual transitions between sources.

Wisycom takes on the 2018 NAB Show

Interview Image

Jim Dugan, President, Wisycom USA, answers a few questions before NAB 2018.

Q What motivating factor drives you to continue innovating year after year?

A I would say helping people solve problems – I have had a passion for wireless for a long time and not everyone does – Wisycom customers are relieved that someone is thinking about and solving their RF problems. This drives us to create the most sophisticated RF equipment that support the production wireless workflow for the broadcast, film and live production industry.

Latest Show News

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NAB Show, Las Vegas, 12 April 2018: Rotolight, the award-winning British LED lighting manufacturer, has announced the latest award win for the Anova PRO 2 studio and location LED as it was named ‘Best of Show’ in the StudioDaily Prime awards at the NAB Show 2018. The Anova PRO 2 was highlighted by judges as exemplifying innovation, value and reliability in the creative marketplace.

The Convergence TV Project receives the 2018 NAB Technology Innovation Award for its ATSC3 SHVC based HD/UHD hybrid delivery demonstration

The Convergence TV Project receives the 2018 NAB Technology Innovation Award for its ATSC3 SHVC based HD/UHD hybrid delivery demonstration NAB presents the Technology Innovation Award to organizations that have made a significant contribution to broadcasting and that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations to the NAB Show. The Convergence TV consortium received this award this year for “For Demonstrating ATSC 3.0 Transmission of UHDTV Using Scalable Coding over Hybrid Broadcast and Broadband Paths.”

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance congratulates the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa for publishing its TV White Space regulations

Official response and comment from the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 April 2018: The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) congratulates the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) for publishing its regulations on the use of Television White Space (TVWS). Marking a huge step forward for South Africa in enabling affordable broadband through dynamic spectrum access technologies, the achievement highlights the progress in the adoption of TVWS…